On Repeat

court-issued continuance

(I sat down and wrote
The best words I could write
Turn, turn, turn again
Explaining to the judge
I’d be there on Wednesday night
Turn, turn to the rain
And the wind)

Bob Dylan, Percy’s Song

Think young. Think first. Think trimester. Think alone. Think hot. Think mold. Think summer. Think autumn. Think leaves. Think back. Think city. Think induction. Think pain. Think cut. Think perfect. Think breast. Think cry. Think spasm. Think scream. Think over. Think begin. Think drugs. Think diets. Think healers. Think therapy. Think drugs. Think La Jolla. Think Shell. Think Beach. Think Motel. Think years. Think LA. Think more. Think boy. Think glory. Think boy. Think glory. Think end. Think alone. Think forward. Think living. Think lie. Think end. Think house. Think alone. Think south. Think man. Think bird. Think owl. Think whale. Think fire. Think work. Think firework. Think s. Think body. Think love. Think years. Think gone. Think ex. Think rage. Think judge. Think lawyer. Think PI. Think surveillance. Think privacy. Think dumb. Think mind. Think blown.