Continuing to send love to you and Sophie and all your beloveds.

Your post with the clocks evoked the words of a song from my youth:

Time is too slow for those who wait

And time is too swift for those who fear

Time is too long for those who grieve

And time is too short for those that laugh

And love is too slow for those who wait

And love is too swift for those who fear

Love is too long for those who grieve

And love is too short for those that laugh

But for those who love

But for those who really love

But for those who love


Sweet time

Precious time

Lovely time

All the time

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What Oliver said.

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YES! Here’s to figuring it all out! We, your admirers and friends are with you - sending as much love and light as you can stand! And there is more to be had as wanted/needed.

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I am hoping to read the post in which we hear that Sophie is out of the woods and am so sorry you are going through this ordeal. But how in the midst of it it all did you manage to write this gem of a line? "We are being taken care of by the most photogenic, bright group of twelve year olds you can imagine." As we say in these parts: "Refuah Shelaimah" to Sophie.

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Your children are amazing. Praying for Sophie and sending love. Praying for all of you and sending love.

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Thanks for the update. Thinking about you and praying for you every day. I think the crazy clock is just a tool for distraction and a creative topic of conversation.. to break up the tension and frustration!!

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Oh, dear and wise Oliver. He lifted you up in the best way possible.

I laughed out loud at you comment about the 12 year olds. A sure sign of our relative age. So glad that folks are rallying and helping (how could they not?) Sending all my good wishes to Sophie, and you, and Carl, etc. etc.

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“We’re gonna figure it out”. Yes. You will. As you have always done and will forever do. It is that gigantic mother mind at work. Always working. No matter the time.


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Hold on to Oliver's words. I wish you could embroider them in your soul.

I think that if I was in that room with one of my children, the clock would become my focus of frustration, fear, and anxiety and I might actually do something insane like try to take it out with a thrown object.

Baby steps, mama. Baby steps. One breath at a time for both you and for Sophie, your mermaid girl. Those steps and breaths will get you to the light at the end of this tunnel. Oliver knows.

And cry all you need to.

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Oliver is so wise. Keeping all of you in my heart and prayers. I’m so happy to hear things are trending in the right direction. Wishing you the strength and endurance you will surely need. Much love.



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“I feel calm in an essential sense and entirely wrecked in another.” This feels like the not-metaphor the clock is looking for. It’s everything, says everything.

❤️‍🩹<-- I have begun feeling like this emoji should have cracks throughout it, evidence of shattering barely being held together with wrappings.

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That Oliver. What a gem! I'm glad there is improvement in Sophie's condition. I say disregard the clocks. Time is an artificial construct -- or at least the measurement of it is.

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As I was reading this early in the morning, my mind and body were flooded by memories of the time when my premature 6 months old daughter was hospitalised with menigitis. For a brief second I again felt the pain rushing through me when she was attached to the iv antibiotics via a vein on the top of her tiny feathery soft skull - a very brief memory I often have when I see a crack in a delicate bowl of porcelain.

Your family will carry you. I am sending you heartfelt wishes and hopes.

The clock is a metaphor for wasted time of which there seems to be too much in hospital settings.

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Let there be Light. --ilga

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Sending you and Sophie and Carl and O & H much love.

Your family. Your precious family.

And I’m so grateful to read that Sophie is healing more and breathing on her own more and more.

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