that poem. wow

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I am immersed in Hamnet too!! Your glossary of meanings is so accurate.

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"liberals" = basically everyone to the left of Phyllis Schlafly

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These continue to be hard times. There seems to be no end to the trump fuckery.

We have our grandson about 75% of the time now which is both wonderful and tiring. He is safe and loved.

Work is ridiculously busy.

Stupid people everywhere which both shocks and saddens me. I always hope for the best and I'm often disappointed.

A son who continues to harass and ignore court orders. Lawyers=money.

A jaw which remains damaged from my fall six weeks ago and makes eating difficult. Small things add up.

I'm thankful the days are getting longer. Thankful to read your words.

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Hello there, sister friend. It is so nice to hear your words, tumbling, rolling, each drop perfect in its path down the page.

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